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Have you noticed vertical light and dark stripes on your gutter? There are high chances that these are tiger stripes. When you see such stripes, contact a gutter cleaning Gettysburg professional to remove them. 

Tiger stripes occur when moisture and water stream down the roof surface and eventually the gutters, creating stripes akin to a tiger. The stripes can be quite stubborn and may not be easily scrubbed off. 

Read on for an overview of how to get rid of tiger stripes on the gutters.

How to Remove Light Stains on the Gutter

Light deposits include surface soils, sap, industrial fallout, insecticides and pesticides, chimney fumes, amongst others. General cleaning using regular non-abrasive cleaning agents can remove these stains.

A gutter cleaning professional will use soft materials to clean the stains and prevent them from creating glossy areas over the roof finish. The cleaning will be followed by a thorough water rinse. 

What About More Stubborn Stripes?

Heavy soil deposits, pollution, and roofs neglected over a long time often cause stubborn stains that may not be removed through light cleaning. In such a case, you’ll need a professional cleaner that uses heavy-duty cleaning agents such as sodium phosphate or trisodium orthophosphate-based cleaners. 

Heavy-duty cleaners should be mixed, handled and used carefully because of their corrosive nature. When improperly handled, they can lead to eye damage and skin burns. Therefore, you should not attempt to use them for regular cleaning.

Gutter cleaning companies have professional staff with the right skills, tools, and protective gear to undertake heavy-duty cleaning safely.

How to Get Rid of Stains Cause by Climate

Climate-caused tiger stripes tend to recur more frequently, depending on geographic location. The stains often show up on the underside of the gutter. If you live in an area whose climate is generally warm, humid and temperate, and experiences significant rain your gutters are likely to be frequently stained.

Water and moisture under the mildew base can lead to the formation of tiger stripes. Before cleaning off the stripes, take care of the mildew and block the source of water or moisture, which is usually on the roof’s crannies and nooks.

Gutter cleaning professionals may use antimicrobial products to get rid of the mold. Apart from this, they will block the moisture sources, such as broken water pipes, and then clean the stripes.

Breathing in mold and mildew can lead to various respiratory issues, especially if you have low immunity. Therefore, leave this task of cleaning the tiger stripes to professionals.

Tiger stripes indicate a heavy buildup of debris on the roof and gutters. Their appearance, especially on aluminum gutters, is quite an eyesore. The best way of removing the stains often depends on where you live, and the condition of your gutters. You should hire a professional gutter cleaning company to clean the stains for you. 

Professional Tiger Stripes Removal Services in Gettysburg

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